We've put this page together to help anybody who can't watch the video. The video is available from this link:
Ride Forever be a better rider challenge 1: Simple U-turn

Scene 1

This scene starts with a shot of a race track corner [there's a kind of AC/DC rock guitar soundtrack but without vocals). The race track starts off camera right, sweeping across to the left, around then towards the centre, where the camera is. In the distance is a hill and at the foot of it are some two white buildings. To the left of the those are stacked shipping containers in stacks of three and five, mostly blue in colour, there are about 60 of them.

A 'bike rider in black approaches from the right, rides around the bend of the track and stops in front of the camera. We have a complete side view of the rider and their bike. The rider turns off their 'bike engine (a Triumph Bonneville T120 Black), and begins to remove their helmet.

Scene 2

The rock soundtrack stops. The scene starts with a close up of the rider's helmet and their fingers unclasping their helmet. The scene cuts to the rider sitting on their bike removing their helmet. The rider removes their helmet and sets it between the 'bike's handlebars.

The rider is famous Kiwi actor, Peter Elliot (text is overlaid on the screen to show this). Peter is about 45-50 years old with salt and pepper hair and a short, trimmed salt and pepper beard. He looks a lot like the actor Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos Seaworth in the TV show Game of Thrones.

Peter looks into the camera and says, "Are you an experienced rider? Well then, you should be able to do this. A simple U-turn. [He points his finger at the camera] But no feet down." [Peter then smirks as he begins to put on his helmet], he then says "It should look – something like this." Then there's a quick sequence of cuts showing a close up headshot of Peter putting on his helmet, his hand and 'bike ignition and key, his hand on the throttle, and a cut to the side view of Peter on his 'bike. There's a slight growl as he moves with his bike out of the shot. The AC/DC rock soundtrack also starts again.

Scene 3

The rock soundtrack continues as the scene opens with the camera sitting centre, shooting the width of road. The road goes off to the right of the frame. In the road are four traffic cones, two in the middle, one in front of the other, and another two about two metre from the middle traffic cone. But these are on either side of the road, 1.5 'bike lengths apart. When looking down the centre of the road they form a T shape.

Peter rides slowly into shot from front left and glides to a stop on the left of the two traffic cones in the centre of the road. He puts his foot down, gets ready, and then sets off slowly to do the challenge:

He approaches the traffic cone slowly on the left of the road, turns and heads towards the traffic cone on the right hand side [as Peter goes past the right hand side traffic cone, a text overlay appears showing that the two traffic cones either side of the road are less than two bike lengths], he then turns further past the right hand traffic cone and roars back towards the camera, but on the right hand side of the two traffic cones in the centre of the road.

Scene 4

The rock sound track ends just as Peter enters the shot from the right. The shipping containers are in the distance and the shot is of him and his 'bike side on, then a quick cut to his front wheel and then we cut to Peter sitting on his 'bike from the waist up. He begins to take off his helmet, and then looks into the camera which is front right of him, and he says, "It's simple when you know the right technique, but many riders end up going too wide."

Peter then points to the camera and talks about the Be a Better Rider challenge competition: "Prove you've got what it takes [as Peter talks details are overlaid on the screen to the left of Peter's head, and read: Film yourself, Upload to Facebook and Tag with #BeABetterRider]. Peter continues: "..then help spread the word by challenging your mates to do the same. Everybody who uploaded goes into the draw to win a $500 riding jacket. And even if you're not very flash, you'll also receive a free Ride Forever course. Speaking of not very flash, I challenge you Pua Magasiva [Peter then chortles heartily. Puts on his helmet. There's a quick shot of Peter's back wheel and the scene finished.]

The end

The rock soundtrack starts, and the scene switches to a complete shot of Peter on his bike on the track used for the video. He then rides off camera left, out of the scene, then re-appears from left to exit the track in the distance between the stacked shipping containers and race track buildings.

There's some overlaid text at the end that reads: Having trouble with the challenge? Upgrade your skills - click the link to sign up for a Ride Forever course.