We've put this page together to help anybody who can't watch the video. The video is available from this link:
Ride Forever Be a Better Rider Challenge 1: A 90 degree pull-out

Scene 1

This scene starts with a shot of a race track corner (there's a poppy, sunshiny soundtrack playing in the background, but without vocals). The race track starts off camera right, sweeping across to the left, around then towards the centre, where the camera is. In the distance is a hill and at the foot of it are some two white buildings. To the left of the those are stacked shipping containers in stacks of three and five, mostly blue in colour, there are about 60 of them.

A 'bike rider in black approaches from the right, rides around the bend of the track and stops in front of the camera. We have a complete side view of the rider and their bike. The rider turns off their 'bike engine (a Triumph Bonneville T120 Black), and the camera cuts to rider's gloved hands unclasping their helmet. The rider removes their helmet – it's famous Kiwi actor, Peter Elliot. (Peter is about 45-50 years old with salt and pepper hair and a short, trimmed salt and pepper beard. He looks a lot like the actor Liam Cunningham who plays Ser Davos Seaworth in the TV show Game of Thrones.)

As the music fades, Peter looks into the camera [the camera shows him from the waist up, sat on his bike], and starts talking: 'A 90 degree pull-out is something that you'd think every rider could do – but you'd be surprised about how many that can't – so that's the challenge."

The poppy soundtrack starts and the camera cuts to a full side on view of Peter as he starts putting on his helmet, and there's a series of quick cuts: a gloved hand turning the bike's ignition on with a key, a close up of Peter's gloved hands clasping his helmet at the neck, a twist of the throttle, a view of the speedometer and rev counter, and Peter roars off.

Scene 2

To the sound of the poppy soundtrack (which continues throughout), the scene opens with a medium-long shot of a section of the race track. From the layout of the shot we know that we'll be able to see the whole exercise. 

There's nobody about, and you can see the shipping containers in the background. Our view of the track layout is as though we were viewing a large 'T' laid flat. We're on the top near-side of that T, looking across. The exercise is mocked up to show a junction situation. There are two traffic cones side by side (the entrance to the junction), to the right of the scene. These represent the give way line. About a bike's length from the two traffic cones (the give way line) are five traffic cones in a line across the middle of the top of the T. These represent the centre line of the road you're about to ride on to.

Peter's bike wheel just comes into view, and then we see him and his bike slowly approach the two traffic cones (the give way line). He stops at the give way line, looks both ways, and turns into the road, keeps turning and heads towards us and rides by.

Scene 3

 The rock sound track ends just as Peter enters the shot from the right. The shipping containers are in the distance and the shot is of him and his 'bike side on, then a quick cut to his front wheel and then we cut to Peter sitting on his 'bike from the waist up. He begins to take off his helmet, and then looks into the camera which is front right of him, and he says, "It's a big problem if you can't stay within your lane. Help spread the word: challenge your mates by tagging them in your videos.  Every video uploaded goes into the draw to win a $500 riding jacket. And even if you're a little bit crappy, you'll also receive a free Ride Forever course. I'd like to see some guys on big bikes take this challenge on. Upload your videos – no excuses."

The end

The poppy soundtrack starts, and Peter starts to put on his helmet. The camera cuts to his back wheel, then cuts to a long shot of Peter and his bike.  He rides off-camera left, then re-appears smaller from camera left, then rides across as a smaller figure in the distance. He rides to the entrance off in the distance between the stacked shipping containers and race track buildings.

There's some overlaid text at the end that reads: Having trouble with the challenge? Upgrade your skills - click the link to sign up for a Ride Forever course.